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Professional Referee Flags
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Professional Referee Flags

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  • Set of 2 professional linesman's sublimated waterproof Concacaf patterned flags. Carrying bag included. 
  • Furl-free flags with a rotating element
  • Hand-friendly, comfortable and soft grip
  • Carrying bag is made from robust black synthetic leather 
Superior Athletic Snood
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Superior Athletic Snood

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Superior athletic snood to keep your ears and nose warm.

Non-medical mask.

Perfect for training during cold days.

Due to hygiene reasons, this item is non-refundable or exchangeable.

Vintage Match Ball
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Vintage Match Ball

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Our Vintage match ball is suitable for club-level matches and elite training.

  • Hand sew. (invisible stitches)
  • The outer material is made of 1.7mm PU high-quality synthetic leather made in Japan.
  • Butyl bladder with «Valve Airlock» system
  • Weight 410g-450g 
  • 32 hand-stitched panels ensure an optimal roundness and a stable flight 
  • Extremely durable match and elite training ball ''IMS APPROVED (Size 5)''